Dirt Diggers Network: Digest No. 6
May 31, 2002

Editor: Philip Mattera

1. another response to the query about subsidiary boards
2. newsletter on private prison industry
3. HERE research job announcements [omitted from web archive]

1. Responding to the query about how to find the members of boards
of directors of subsidiaries, Will Collette writes:

"I second Rick Rehberg's comments that subsidiaries often don't have separate
boards. Sometimes they do, though. My main corporate campaign target, Labor
Ready, Inc., operates at least 40 subsidiaries discovered to date. Each has
its own board, usually identified easily thru their state corporate
registrations. In Labor Ready's case, board members are all corporate
executives in their Washington State corporate headquarters. Their names
appear on corporate registrations in various configurations. For example,
their General Counsel might be listed as President for one subsidiary, then
Secretary for another and Treasurer for a third and so on.

"Not all states post board member names on-line. Since many of Labor Ready's
subsidiaries are regional (e.g. Labor Ready Mid-Atlantic III, LLP), there's
a high probability that at least one of the states in that subsidiary's
jurisdiction will post board member names on-line."

2. Prison industry newsletter

Researchers who are interested in privatization in general and
private prisons in particular will want to check out a newsletter
called Prison Privatisation Report International, which is edited
by Dirt Diggers Network participant Stephen Nathan.

The new issue of the publication can be found online at:

Philip Mattera